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30 June 2009 @ 11:59 pm
2008: BOOK LIST  
black - read and done!
cyan - in process
red - still needs to be read

- super
- good
- bearable
- poor
- stay away

oo1. Yesh Yeladim Zigzag    {DAVID GROSSMAN} 
oo2. The Last Templar    {RAYMOND KHOURY} 
oo3. Equinox    {MICHAEL WHITE}
oo4. Twilight    {by STEPHENIE MEYER}
oo5. New Moon    {STEPHENIE MEYER}
oo6. My Sister's Keeper    {JODIE PICOULT} 
oo7. Hold on tight    {HARLAN COBAN} 
oo8. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time    {MARK HADDON}
oo9. Vampire Academy    {RICHELLE MEAD} 
o1o. Frostbite    {RICHELLE MEAD}
o11. The time traveler's wife    {AUDREY NIFFENEGGER} 
o12. Eclipse    {STEPHENIE MEYER}
o13. The Undomestic Goddess    {SOPHIE KINSELLA}
o14. Gossip Girl    {CECILY von ZIEGESAR}
o15. Jane Eyre   {CHARLOTTE BRONTE} 
o16. Gossip Girl: You know you love me    {CECILY von ZIEGESAR} 
o17. I'd tell you i love you but then i'll have to kill you    {ALLY CARTER}
o18. Wuthering Heights    {EMILY BRONTE}
o19. The Host    {STEPHENIE MEYER} 
o2o. Breaking Dawn{STEPHENIE MEYER}
o21. The Lovely Bones    {ALICE SEBOLD}
o22. In the Company of the Courtesan    {SARAH DUNNANT}
o23. Memoirs of geisha    {ARTHUR GOLDEN}
o23. Gone with the wind    {MARGARET MITCHELL}
o24. Son of a Witch    {GREGORY MAGUIRE}
o25. Interview with a Vampire    {ANNE RICE}
o27. 1984    {GEORGE ORWELL}
o28. The Memory Keeper's Daughter  {KIM EDWARDS}
o29. Persuasion  {JANE AUSTEN}
o30. Sense & Sensibility  {JANE AUSTEN}